Phonophoresis - the therapeutic use of tuning forks with different frequencies fields


The job is to inconsistencies in the human energy field and in the body by exercise. Due to the resonance with tuning forks, Crystal Singing Bowls and of other natural instruments can resolve energy blockages and body cells back to their Ur-frequency . Align This process is guided largely intuitive and leading in each case to a conscious awareness of spiritual guidance and healing.

Tuning Forks

Tuning forks can be brought by hitting into audible and perceptible vibrations. These vibrations are transmitted to the body and interact with him in response. There are about 30 different tuned forks, which can be used in the fields of teaching Meridian (Acupuncture, Acupressure, Shiatsu), chakras, organs, Colorpuncture, reflexology and other similar disciplines. One speaks in this type of application of phonophoresis or Tonpunktur.

Tuning forks vibrate at an exact tone. We use this property, when tuning the musical instruments on the basis of a tuning fork with a pitch frequency of 440 Hz This pitch corresponds to the sound of the planet Venus, which is calculated from the revolution of Venus around the sun (225 days). The 32nd Octave of audible frequency vibrates at 221.23 Hz and comes in the 33rd Octave with 442.46 Hz, the pitch A very close. The corresponding color with about 650 nanometers, we see as yellow and orange. The mathematician and physicist Hans Cousto developed this system of planetary tones with their color counterparts (Cousto: The octave, 1987 - see the book recommendation).

The orbital periods of the planets around the sun and the earth and moon cycles can be translated into audible frequencies, so that we are dealing here with planetary or cosmic tones which have different qualities.

Earth tones

The keynote of the European music is the G, in which guided the clef. G oscillates at 196 Hz, the frequency of 194.18 Hz is very close to that calculated from the 24 hours of rotation of the earth. The corresponding color is red, since this tone in resonance with the vibration of our DNA is, it affects cell renewal and enlivening. The so-called fitness fork is associated with the root chakra and used primarily in the lower body. It stands for our basic material needs, living will and sexuality. It gives us strength and helps in the treatment of fatigue, problems in the lower back and kidneys.

The Cis with a frequency of 138.6 Hz is near the sound, which is calculated from the orbit of the Earth around the Sun (Jahreston), 136.10 Hz, and the color blue-green and turquoise. It is the tone of the Indian culture, meditation on OM. The so-called fork is associated with the heart chakra and the heartfelt love. It brings us into our midst and has a calming effect, especially in nervous agitation, palpitations and insomnia. It can be used almost anytime and anywhere with her is like the treatment started and finished. It also serves to locate Meridian Records.

The pitch of the old Chinese culture is the F with a frequency of 174.6 Hz and the color purple. The corresponding cosmic tone with 172.06 Hz is calculated on the Platonic year eclipsed the rotation of the earth around the sun from about 26 000 years ago. In that time, the zodiac sign to move all 2000 years declined further, which leads to the formation of age. The platonic year is for spiritual values and the crown chakra is assigned. The so-called enlightenment however fork is used for grounding and, in particular for the relief of pain caused by tension and for sciatica. In TCM, they are reflected in the wood element.

The presented tones 194.18, 136.10 and 172.06 are calculated from the excavation. There are at least nine earth tones, 7 Moon sounds, sun shades 2 and 8 planets tones. These are used because of their different vibration on various therapeutic.

Therapeutic use

There are different approaches that can work as with the frequencies. For the chakras, the forks are placed directly on the relevant areas of the body to activate such that the vibrations Meridians, Acupuncture points, and institutions - with sometimes quite surprising effects on perception and health. The frequencies to feel the effect also by fanning of the etheric body or the aura of "be".

Phonophoresis and the mode of action on the meridians

Meridians are energy pathways of the body, on which lie the acupuncture points. The meridians are associated with institutions and provide the information system of the body for imbalances that can lead to disease dar., with the corresponding tuning fork, for example, Platonic year, 172.06 Hz is a great place at the gall and liver meridian work, and calm the sciatica, release muscle tension and deduce stress on the head. Depending on the points, and oscillation frequency of the fork, rather it harmonises the physical, or emotional range. Another interesting possibility has one tuning fork with the earth, 136.10 Hz, the evidence of swings to the sound OM, the sound of the heart. If one uses this tuning fork on acupuncture points, one can feel with the second hand very precisely to the meridian. A good way for all to Meridian Records to feel clearer.

Phonophoresis and the effect, directly to the institutions

You can set tuning forks directly on organs and their energy field. This has the strengthening, cleansing, relaxation and Harmony. The tuning fork earth, 136.10 Hz is great for the heart, increases panic attacks, anxiety, positive supports all types of irregularities in heart area and can be given in addition to other forms of therapy.

Phonophoresis and their use in the field of intellectual and spiritual

With some tuning forks, for example, the tuning fork Pluto, 140.25 Hz, one can include processes, in the large intestine (stands for detention) pick up and activate. Another method to get into the psychological field consists in the octave. Here's the same as in homeopathy - it is in subtle areas. Another highly transformational tuning fork is the fork Schuhmann, 250.56 Hz, which opens the people very much upwards.

Phonophoresis in conjunction with stones, Essences (Bach flower) and colors.

Phonophoresis can be combined well with stones and essences. If we apply this to points or zones or apply, we can with the total tuning fork the stone, the essence, and so on vibrate into the body, the vibration also opened strongly, so that vibrations of color, and the energy of the stones and essences in the cells can be better absorbed and distributed.


Chakra Set

 The Chakra Set consists of seven aluminum - tuning forks that are tuned to the vibrations of the individual chakras.

Weight with box: 760 g

Size: 31 x 14 x 3 cm

Vocal accuracy: + / - 2 cents


The assignment of the forks of the seven chakras is a classic example (see Cousto: the octave, 1987). It is based on resonance about the colors and characteristics of planets and chakras. A comprehensive application is also in the field of teaching Meridian possible, as the acupuncture points and meridians to react strongly to vibrations. Again, there are associations between meridians and planetary tones.

Chakras are energy fields that are located on the front of the body. Chakras vibrate in different colors and are the body in the form of organs, tissues, bones, fluids and hormones associated. Each chakra has to map to the psychological areas, as well as the learning processes. In astrology, the institutions are related to the planets, and of these one derives again from the tuning fork for the institution, or for the chakra. Another possible assignment is the quality of the planet. The Mars 144.72 Hz is astrologically for the 6th Chakra, but as he has a very powerful planet, he is also happy to short the kidneys (1.Chakra, 2.Chakra water-fire it) taken. For the work at first Chakra attack, we-fork to Saturn, 147.85 Hz, and if we, the harmony in the second Chakra, in the sense of female activity to produce, take, we moon sounds, or special fork, Geomagnetfeld 149.74 Hz, the chakras are highly responsive to tuning forks, should therefore be done not too long in them.



Freq. / Length / Weight

194.18 Hz / 24 cm / 84g

orange - red
Earth day

Coccyx and pubis

stimulating, invigorating

210.42 Hz / 23,5 cm / 80g

G #
Full moon
Solar Plexus

126.22 Hz / 28.5 cm / 101g


Solar Plexus


136.10 Hz / 27,5 cm / 98g

C #
Blue Green
Earth years
Deep relaxation
Calming influence - the soul

141.27 Hz / 27 cm / 97g

C #
all kinds of communication
Flexibility, dynamism

221.23 Hz / 23 cm / 80g

yellow orange

between the eyebrows

River of Love
Energy and harmony

172.06 Hz / 25 cm / 88g

Platonic year - 25.920 Earth years
Vision, meditation, confidence


Harmonic Spectrum Set

Weight with case: 620 g

Size: 26 x 13 x 3 cm

Material: Aluminum

Vocal accuracy: + / - 2 cents





Tuning forks in Planetary tones

Weight with case: 1200 g

Size: 34 x 20 x 3 cm

Material: Aluminum

Vocal accuracy: + / - 2 cents

This set is often used by alternative practitioners.

It contains seven basic tuning forks in the intervals of the music and is suitable for the sound therapy and meditation.
Biosonisches Repattering uses two forks simultaneously.

Body: different states of consciousness and posture, as well as synchronization of the left hemisphere and right hemisphere.

Planetary: Polarity therapy, five element theory of ether, air, fire, water and earth


512 Hz
55 g
480 Hz
58 g
426 Hz
61 g
384 Hz
63 g
341 Hz
65 g
320 Hz
67 g
288 Hz
71 g
256 Hz
75 g