Die fundamental frequencyour Planet Earth increases regular. Chaos and energy resolution of the time, as we know it nor set up, practice fields and Resonance with no more conducive to behavior patterns.

Life seems to be in certain areas to change fundamentally. TIME and SPACE, as we know them today, are dissolving. Our mind realized much more quickly, then immediately.

A new social order arises. Everything is spirituality. The Society of the New Age precede structural changes. This can be done by peaceful means (through adaptation of consciousness) or painful if resistance occurs. The belief in technology is shattered. We all begin our awareness align to us of our true destiny to his inner-can. Our species, including all of its structures, to the protozoa, are on spirituality, on love and light up and send information which we are decoding over morphic fields.

The new social order, this new civilization will be very stable, with a firm spiritual foundation and through the peaceful nature of man. There are no more factors that can give rise to doubt. ILLUSIONS and doubts are part of the past. Devotion to the basic trust and our inner child, its appreciation and healing.

Telepathic exchange, sounds and clearly defined intentions soul-energize fields with information. Center and memory is the sun. We humans perceive as creator beings, create our own realities and reflect this in our environment. The result shows it has a responsibility to our own creation.

The Light Body School is a tool for awareness of our own reality creation, which is invested in everywhere. Starting with the nutrition of the body undergoes at the cellular level, a field of resonance with what the world eats. Body parts of animals contain substances that our human consciousness are useful in the Light Body process only as disharmonic feeling...

On the psychological level is the mirror law the ticket to the light body school and without the focus to our own ancestral is not much, because energy consumed contaminated energy.

The Light Body School is tied to no place or time. Learning processes take place in the extent to which findings occur with realities in resonance. There are frequent tests and examinations passed there are energy points. The aim is to raise one's energy field, as we cleanse our emotional body of karmic energies, fears, shame and anger.

The aim is also to prepare the body for the illumination of the cells and the major and minor chakras to activate. With this energy it is possible to connect all the elements at all levels to become one, with all that is and for it to bear the responsibility.

2012-2013 was an energetic interface where cosmic energy forms by planetary influences on the earth transforming act. In 1987, this final process initiated and until 2037, this process is most completed. Until then, each citizen of the world has taken its own decision. SpiritArt is momentum, inspiration and information.