The project brings the world of sounds. Sounds are not only "hear" but can also be felt "." It's about creating a connection between sound and body (resonance principle), their own body as a "sounding body" exercise. Comes now the media "seeing" this is the sound with the picture connected, i.e. the visual perception is connected with the physical sensation of feeling. This happens for example when a person speaks to another. There is a saying: "the sound of music". One could also say "the sound makes you feel." We respond to sound frequencies and vibrations of the voice. In addition, there is a kind of memory in our internal recording, whether "this sound", reflective of our early childhood experiences, pleasant or unpleasant was felt more. This fact is crucial in the sense of "listening a say." We are talking to sounds of different emotional, that is, sounds that are in resonance with the feelings. Building on this knowledge, our method of systemic family work is supported by means of sounds and deepened. You can trust-building and catalyzing effect, during certain emotional phases in the process have. If "solve systemic entanglements" and the so-called "image solution" comes to sound as "perceived amplifier.

In any case, it has been found that sounds are relaxing and of a process. Especially helpful is that high and ambient sounds in the "adoption" of deceased . Prove These sounds may, in the truest sense of the word a kind of "connection" of the living to the dead produce. It could follow at this point now, a long paper, such as frequencies and vibrations in resonance contribute to so-called "mind fields" (R. Sheldrake), are about things is very much literature. It is also difficult with the intellect to understand that emotional involvement can be solved by means of sounds in the inventory work. This is about the difference from the "scientific" understanding of "phenomenological" experience. We see it simply as a certain energy and sound matrix, family members can find each other again and the "order of love" restored. The principle of resonance is approached it. In the spirit of "health care" this project has the following content.



So-called "family model" can sometimes lead to difficult conditions in partnership and family. By detecting the respective underlying structure "are repetitive phenomena" and associated conflicts brought to consciousness and can therefore be terminated. Most importantly, this appears in subsequent generations, so our "legacy" can be exempted (Ur-ancestors and war). If a child is congested energy ", it often reacts with disease symptoms, in order to overload (problems in the family) to draw attention. The child "sacrifices" so to speak for the "family system. Often, such "emotional" memories of the so-called "inner" child are not expressed, the little child has not learned to speak. Here is a sound pulse can be used as very useful "means of expression." Under the motto "where you sing, because let yourself calm down ...", the sounds also help his confidence-ie the relaxing effect creates a pleasant space for violent but sometimes emotional states of mind. Experience has shown us that can be ended quickly by the sound often accompanied by emotional processes. We use the following tools, depending on what emotions should be addressed: CHIMES, SOUND BARS, cymbals, CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS, Kalimba, DRUMS, SOUND GAMES, XYLOPHONE, Monochord, Tuning Forks etc.

The exploration in theory and practice, all of these relationships of sounds, images and feelings and their harmonization, we can see,  our life works well.



This project could e.g. in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, senior homes, kindergartens, schools will find its application. As an "energy picture" are nature shots on specific energy centers, or animals or so-called "power objects" means that trigger emotions in the viewer. Most beauty, peace and security. Similarly, the images seem even revitalizing and inspiring. Pictures , rainbows include special lighting and solar radiations or formations, how can they see others in the Waldviertel. The musical accompaniment to the observer on the physical level have a calming and uplifting. It is also possible to own from the inner and outer activity which, for example, can be expressed in brain wave patterns of the "BETA-waves to reach an inner peace of the" ALPHA-wave oscillation. Latest researches say that we can come through "music" in the THETA-wave field, which produces a kind of sleep-wake state, which may be accompanied by dream-like images and thus allows a deep relaxation. Through this deep inner peace can "self-healing" is activated and new positive, life internal settings are detected, because the subconscious is fully active in this state. In children, there are very good results and it is amazing how quickly they can come and be happy in such deep relaxation THETA waves. There are taken specific experiences, eg in Gesusndheitstagen in Heidenreichstein, we were able to observe this. Children respond to sounds with plastic inner world of images, ie they "see" about the actual real image of their own inner world of images, or start the current image as an entry in an internal history of use. You do speak a sort of "trance trip" with open eyes. Quote from the book "The Magic World of Sounds" by Dorthea `e Kreusch-Jacob" A sounding secret ".

With a soft-sounding mystery in the closed hands of the adults go from child to child, from ear to ear. What is well? Something very precious, a MYSTERY SOUND ... According to this invitation are all children become curious. It is noticeably quiet in the room, when finally the secret in the palm of the hand is openly visible. A shiny gold ball. End quote.

The combine of images and sounds can, as shown above, new mental images of health, vitality, optimism and encourage the strengthening of this inner world of images. In connection to the "Systemic Constellation Work such "Energy pictures"Used as a" possible association "to their own history.



Sound meditations are relaxing for mind, body and spirit. From the bustle of everyday working life, they are a help, to come into the inner silence. In terms of "preventive medicine", this project has an important function and it is our intention to make in this field, strong research and knowledge work. In the area of the brain-wave research, it is about the DELTA-waves. As such they are found only in deep sleep, but brain research has discovered that people can get in DELTA-wave pattern maintained their consciousness. By the sounds of deep relaxation by means of certain natural instruments such as the monochord that is "tuned chromatically and has a high content of harmonics, can such brain wave patterns are measured. DELTA waves are therefore so important because they are all healing processes, as well as the functioning of the immune system largely responsible. In this state, a large number of growth hormone is released. To come into such trancelike states, it takes a group effort in which trust can be built up enough so that it is a possibility of "letting fall" may occur. The experience also shows that only through repeated practice "of deep relaxation, such results may be possible. This process of "dropping" in which they can be moved by the sounds and kidnap and learns the overtoneresonance Add the head and "empty" can be, can make a significant contribution in health care and children and young people help in reducing aggression.


The project is divided into three parts.



With "sounds" from natural instruments such as GONGS, DRUM, CHAKRAFON, monochord, BOWLS, kalimba, etc. Systemic Family Constellations supports process-oriented. It will be emotional entanglements solved by certain sound patterns, or the "Resolution Images" with a musical "anchor", internalized . In addition, they provide the participants a pleasant and relaxing setting.

Viewing images of energy in conjunction with sounds to the viewer deep, relaxing Gehirnwellenmustererzeugen, which promotes the activity of the "self healing". Positive, self-affirmation settings can be found inner peace during this phase and reformulated. rediscover the entrance to the "inner imagery" and the possibility of their own history in it, may be favored with it. New mental images of health, vitality, optimism, and in case of illness, creating a new interest, "it will" occur, can.



When sound meditations instruments are used, such as the monochord that through its swinging sounds of the ability to experience promotes deep relaxation. Practicing to arrive in DELTA-vibration and maintain in this brain wave pattern that consciousness is sought. was reported by participants that they had some intense experiences such as feelings of great happiness, feelings of weightlessness pain relief and a sense of inner harmony and unity. This contribution to the "mental health" offers a great "range" which is specifically for children is of great importance.

All three components have a common goal.

... To develop a preventive, internal conscious attitude towards their bodies.

... To provide for their own mental health care and in the sense of personal responsibility to be ready, so-called "legacy" not to leave the children and grandchildren, but again back and find his own "life script" and accepted.

Health means being able to take time for yourself and get to listen in itself, a positive attitude to life have to be able to feel joy and the "inner smile" to see again.

... Research and development of natural color instruments in terms of brain wave changes.

...CD `s VIDEO and productions, in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools, kindergartens, senior homes can be used.

The Mirror law in space-integrating tag.


Partners and participation in the economy

This project has been under a competition submitted and works. It is important for us, leaders, sponsors and supporters to address that have an interest to pursue sustainable health policy. That would be to work through traumatic past pattern of two world wars and disease to take energy as an indication of the body on an energetic inconsistency true.



... People who deal consciously and consistently with their lives and take personal responsibility for their health like.

... People who still mourn or are lonely.

... People, which the causes want to learn about physical allegations of personal misconduct.


... And ultimately ourselves, we must stand as a model for subsequent generations if we take responsibility.



best regards,

Anneliese & Friedrich