In 1987 began a new era on earth, as at 16-17. August Harmonic Convergence took place. At that time, our planet a new energy structureThat initiated from the ground a whole new planet. The Schumann frequency (Natural frequency of the planet Earth) increased. Humanity was asked if she was ready to grow. and it turned out that we were now ready for the next evolutionary step. We were ready to restore our broken spiritual, galactic connection.

We know that the photon belt, which we approached since the 60s, and the new magnetic grid, the Kryon group installed, has it helped us. Both caused a number of indications such as earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions and erratic weather conditions.

But even before the 16/17. August 1987, these new energies felt. In many people stood on that date and thereafter a sudden interest in a spiritual experience. About 80 of the world's population% felt in some way the effects of harmonic convergence. The most striking changes represented a first in the light workers, the people who have agreed to help other people in this transition process into the New Age. When they showed the Transformation Process stronger and more accelerated.

Goal is the change of dimension, when in 2012 the Earth in the fifth dimension is. Man will then be developed fully and consciously. His physical body, which is equipped with a 12strangigen DNS will shine brighter and metabolize light ".

The galactic human is in full resonance with the new magnetic grid. He will clairsentience, suspicious and be clairvoyant, able to communicate telepathically, to telekinesis, teleportation, Materialization and dematerialization understand, can rejuvenate his body, and are subject to any aging process more. He opens his heart to spiritual ways. All programming, beliefs and blockages that have no heart qualities will be deleted in this process.

The old programming are in the form of crystals in our etheric body and wait in the physical body and to process mentally and emotionally and ausvibriert to be. This is Karma-Remanufacturing. Wherever dissolved crystals and karma released, they increase our frequency. This process will result in that we get out of the karma and reincarnation cycle. Expression of this is the "new" information that karma really does not exist, and that the concept of karma we previously only served to experience the separateness of the duality.

During this process, we will exist outside of our physical existence soul shares integrate by us to be completely. Due to the higher vibration of the planet, we are able to raise our own vibration and thus soul shares to reintegrate that would normally vibrationally blown our physical body ".

This transformation is the Light Body process, which was originally a process of enlightenment that only made the great masters. This is no longer the masters and a few select people reserved, but of all mankind.

The process takes place in 12 stages. 1987/88 in the light of workers the first steps have been activated in 1989 even with all the other people. From Jan. 1992 when the Kryon group began to install the new magnetic grid, was ignited in all people, the potential for maturing the body of light. Children who were born after 1992 were now automatically adjusted to the new energy. They are long since known as Indigo children and Crystal children. On 12.12.1994 the planet left many helpers and transferred us to carry the energy. End of December 2003 was the planetary magnetic grid completed. On 8 / 9 Held November harmonic concordance opened several doors energy on our planet, and allowed us to voranzubewegen us greatly.

More than 15 years of transformation process, we now have behind us. A few years are still ahead. Many new details have reached us, apply old information to be outdated. At first we thought it would take place for evacuation. With each year we approach the fifth dimension and get increasingly more idea of what awaits us there, really.

The light body process does not run linearly, but it works on several levels. You have to imagine the ten or twelve rows of lights: First (1987-89) were ignited all or almost all levels and it burns in each of the ten or twelve rows each a lamp. Gradually, then go in different rows of lights, sometimes in a level 3, then in step 7, etc. - depending on where one stands straight and what one in his life is working.

Felt that this process makes the fact that energies begin to flow in the body and that her life will change in quick succession that set certain physical symptoms that we leave behind our old acquaintances and friendships, old professional situations, etc. New people appear in our life on which we in much greater resonance than it used to be friends. Sleep and dreams change. The memory capacity for ESSENTIAL increases.

The physical symptoms are fatigue, sleep disturbances, heating on body parts, feverish conditions, influenza, angina, palpitations, pinpricks on the skin, headaches, neck pain, forehead, and 3 Eye, pressure in the skull, nausea and vomiting, weight changes, unusual hunger, sensitive responses to acid taste, light and noise sensitivity, dizziness, blurred vision, vibration sense, itchy skin, "cottony" feeling in the face, numbness on the body, whistling or ringing in the ears, hear voices, see flickering, wavering see objects, visibility into other realities, memory and thinking (especially in stage 8 and 9), feeling of loss of identity, sense of telepathic interference by the sense of obsession and interference from electronic devices, with whom one comes into contact.


Light Body level 1

First physical changes. Suddenly, early interest in spirituality, etc. You get the feeling of being under current. It comes to flu attacks, febrile conditions, limb pain and pins and needles on the body, fatigue, Headache, Nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and indigestion, acne, skin rashes, burning and heat to individual body parts and weight changes.

  • The DNA coding is enabled.

  • The metabolism accelerating, with the result that the old traumas, toxins, thoughts and feelings are expressed to appreciated and he resolves to be.

  • The brain chemistry changes, new synapses are formed.


Light Body level 2

Other physical changes. It deals with questions of meaning, with the being. Karma structures begin to unravel, the Chakras be activated. In addition, the same physical symptoms as in the first Level, and in addition disorientation.

  • The etheric body gets light.

  • The crystals begin to disintegrate (blockades on break).


Light Body Step 3

Other physical changes. The sensations intensified. Clairsentience is adjusted. It comes to mind first descent. To physical symptoms, there is noise and light sensitivity, a sensitive sense of taste and increased sexual stimulation.

  • A biotransformation process begins: Man is able to transmit frequencies.

  • The mitochondria take on light (cell organelles inside cells that are important for energy metabolism) and produce more ATP (adenosine triphosphate = substance produced in the mitochondria in energy metabolism).


Light Body level 4

Physical and mental changes. It has first-on sensory experiences, telepathic experiences, lucid moments and new ideas. The physical symptoms are neurological and concern, the sense organs. There is a feeling of "gipsigem" head to frequent and severe headaches, eye and ear problems, ringing in the ears (like tinnitus) and Hörstürzen, temporary numbness, blurred vision and a sense that electrical energy to flow through the head and spine.

  • The electromagnetic and chemical conditions in the brain change.

  • It enabled new brain functions, and form new synapses.

  • Both hemispheres of the brain connect to each other gradually.


Light Body level 5

Physical and mental changes. One imagines questions about the meaning (of life), ask yourself who you really begins, his childhood to sift through and examine themselves. Previous representations of themselves and reality begin to waver. It begins its to handle past, analyze and gain insight. One begins to abandon old practices. Initial suspicions about the fact that there are other dimensions than those we can see to put on. There is some increase psychic experience and experienced telepathic thought transfer. The dreams are getting more intense and you have lucid dreams. The sleep patterns are changing.

It is a time with many challenges. It is now upbeat about the new spiritual knowledge, but the mind is still being analyzed.


Light Body level 6

Physical and mental changes. It is now sorted out old pictures of reality. There are now also in spirit external changes: Previous friendships break apart, the job situation is changing, you are familiar with the people one feels as like-minded. The Law of resonance has now made more obvious: Everywhere you come across information and publications that take us deeper into the new. The supernatural experiences accumulate and you do now own spiritual experiences. But it also comes to the identity crisis to the loss of identity. It is a difficult time with major challenges. Over and over again you tend to give up. Some choose death, because they do not manage to continue. Who will survive this time, creates even more. family constellations and shamanistic soul travel facilitate the integration of parts of the soul has withdrawn.


Light Body level 7

Physical and emotional changes. Emotional blockages are now high. One is confronted with Unwertsein incompetence and shame and guilt. It comes to emotional outbursts. It is one phase of the awakened spiritual awareness with enthusiasm to continue existing emotional inconsistencies, so you have spares himself and the compensating idea of being something special in the spiritual. It emphasizes this with rituals, fasting ... It is also spontaneous, lives mainly in the here and now.

The emotional and karmic ties begin to dissolve. You can hear the inner voice and follow the inner guidance. But flicker repeatedly provide life fears. It developed a love for nature and to the whole. Man discovers the divinity. It is quiet and serene.

The Heart Chakra opens, and thus all other chakras. Earlier interests and inclinations fall away gradually. One is only attracted to peers and has no resonance to lower "" more characters. In the broadcast is also cooler and more distant. Links to other supra-personal will.

It is now also aware of his co-incarnations and parallel selves.

Physically, it is now coming to the chest and heart pain, which can feel like angina pectoris. It comes to the pressure on the sternum at the front and the back and pain on the top of my head, because the endocrine system develops. The face is changing, and it looks younger, has fewer wrinkles.

  • The Opens heart chakra, forehead and crown chakra be activated.

  • Thymus, pituitary and pineal gland start to grow.

  • The increased cellular metabolism with energy reduces the aging process.


Light Body level 8

Physical and emotional changes. The purge of emotional and mental blocks brings a time of great challenges in the much force is necessary. The aura cleanse itself of blockages. The super-physical chakras are partially turned on so that you can engage the United chakra and receives information from all dimensions and light incarnations and language is possible. This can be recognized that one flash of light or writings provides energetic movements, and achieve it, there is information of which we do not know where they come from. The clairsentience is large and it takes all energy from the environment.

Now it is guided by their own Oversoul. We see in other people's spiritual essence, and the interest is spiritual because of a personal nature. Even the sexual interest is declining. If so, then you can experience a new sexuality with cosmic orgasm. There is no need there to enter into a relationship with an unequal partner. It now looks even more impersonal other. If one is without a partner, possibly one knows that one's soul in the fifth partner Dimension is waiting for you.

Physically it comes to the pressure in the head, the forehead, the back and the feeling that the head grows. You experience severe headaches and even worse blurred vision, sleep disorders and memory disorders to memory loss, thinking, disorientation, dizziness, impaired concentration, blurred thinking, planning and decision-making difficulties, heart palpitations, heart rhythm disturbances and burning over the right ear. You can see flames writings and other phenomena of light flashes (light version).

  • Pineal gland and pituitary gland continues to grow.

  • The brain structure changes, the brain takes up to a 100% possibility of its use, the head grows

  • The heart rate increases temporarily.

  • The of-body chakras 8, 9 and 10 are enabled and one latches onto the United Chakra one.

  • It activates an "ethereal receiving crystal" (hence the burning downloaded over the right ear) and information, to get information from the spiritual world (hence the light version).


Light Body level 9

Physical and emotional changes. Old, inferior traits dissolve. There is a clear that you do not need more control. The identity, values and self-change with a further decline soul. Man gives himself up to his own soul and makes the experience that created everything in life itself. It integrates Parallelselbste and could thereby temporarily feel strange or obsessed with behaviors that seem an unknown to himself, as if observing from the outside. It is a difficult time that requires courage and bravery. Often you will feel exhausted and depressed. And it also still exist residual fears are there.

It will be led by the higher self and is always in the right place at the right time and doing the right thing and lived. One begins to merge with the multidimensional self, with the aim to manifest anything from him. It receives information from other dimensions. One begins to embody divine wisdom and love. The ego dissolves.

Physically, pain in the lower back and hip, a pressure and density of feeling in the abdomen and pelvis, the weight gain or loss, possibly for the growth spurt, the pressure on the forehead, exhaustion, and (in women) hormone and menstrual disorders.

  • It receives coded messages from other dimensions (light version).

  • The pineal gland continues to grow and produces more growth hormone.

  • the chakras 9 and 10 open up, the chakras 11 and 12 begin  to open.


Light Body level 10

Physical and spiritual changes. You feel connected to everything. The higher open chakras, the aura of a single light field. We developed the psychic abilities of a galactic humans: clairvoyance, teleportation, Aportation, materialization and Dema-terialisierung including travel through time and space and other dimensions are possible.


Light Body Step 11

Physical and spiritual development. All the higher chakras are now open. The light body is almost finished and begins to vibrate up. Interdimensional travel, perceptions and communication are now possible.

The planet Earth will be at this time  not longer in its present space-time structure, and linear time not longer exists. It is the "heaven on earth." Now you decide whether to remain as helpers on earth, for the light workers make life on Earth at, or whether it arises as a pure energy form.


Light Body level 12

Physical and spiritual change. It has a halbätherischen body and feeds on light and air. It has integrated all the capabilities of the stage 11. Now the body is vibrating so high that you can walk through things or attack. One can also recognize the compress again physically, if you want to.

The finished body is then a light-activated halbätherischer, galactic, so-called Adam Kadmon bodyThat is not only predominantly of light and air feeds, but also allows multi-dimensional perception and communication. He is then connected to a certain inter-dimensional electromagnetic light structure, the so-called Merkaba, which the interdimensional travel possible.


In addition to the earth or climb 383 more planets (with not so high density material like us) into the light.

Also, the time comes tumbling down. 30 years ago it was still too comfortable: There was a long time until something is thought manifested. But today, as we all develop through new energy to the galactic humans, this happens immediately.

Global civilization, as it is now collapsing, it is. And it is a completely new civilization . Arise When in 2012 the earth and our whole solar system into the new dimension occurs, the part of our civilization, the suggestion is still accompanied by power and negative, will transform into the light. But it needs time.

This is the ascent into the light. We will not make this climb over death, that is, not by dying for only should we, but we will make this promotion with our current physical body - in this life. In the coming years we will all develop. The new energy grid around our planet, we are now able to create that. Help we received from all sides: from angels, spirit guides, Ascended Masters and the Galactic Federation and the Sirians, in its sphere of influence we will come then. It was they who were employed in the Galactic Federation for helping us, so we make this transition. According to them the earth is a very important planet, which, while sitting inconspicuously at the periphery of the Milky Way, but which has an important role as information carriers.

The rise of this current process is the Endereignis transformation. After the climb, many partners meet their soul again.

After the ascent or the reliving of the Lightbody process is one in a halbätherischen state in the same physical body, as usual, except that these swings higher and this is subtle. It looks brighter and younger, and has all the capabilities of a galactic human.

At this time we will help the federation get with the Sirians to contact us. The humanoid Sirians are how we see and we are very similar. They are therefore as close to us, because we are descended partially from them.

As described above, was in the 80 years the Energy structure of the human race measured, and it was found that humanity has come to grow. We will now support all the time. The next measurement to take place 2012th Kryon told years ago that we humans (the spiritually oriented part in particular) are far ahead of schedule. Maria told us late last year by Natara same result.

The training planet Earth will turn to the library world. The Earth is in the universe be known, and many will want to visit the earth.

To outsiders, the period up to 2012 only a tiny portion dar. in human history, but it is for them a great moment that was never even there. And for a long time, they say, the preparations for this great event to be done and give the spectator stands. For them it is a huge "media spectacle" to which they have long been waiting for. They come from the future here to be present at an event, from which they have only heard this change was once vonstatten. For them it is a legend, the witness for them as if we would live on television to watch the birth of Christ, you could transfer them. About 10 years ago it was still called that nobody knows how we will make this change because, they say, these sites are up to the year 2012 in the book of the earth empty. Meanwhile, we have already changed some of the world. We have become aware of our origins, have reminded us and are aware of our abilities to change the world through love. At that time, said the spiritual world, they know only the result of the earth: that of a fixed, lower energy structure was a lighter in which a caterpillar as it were, from the butterfly arises.

A few years ahead. Let us therefore move forward and bring this planets to flourish.

Quoted from © Susanne Kreth; Sources: R. Anselmi, Sananda, Ashtar, St. Germain, Archangel Michael, B. Marciniak (Pleiadians), Sh. Nidle / V. Essene (Sirians) (published in LIGHT LANGUAGE No. 16, Apr. 2004 Modified) of SpiritArt.


Learn to love your flaws as well as your potential. This is the true Light Body process. The path of knowledge, the willingness to work on yourself, the outreach to all the problems, people and situations, unconditional love, humility, and not least an unbroken discipline is your companion during the Light Body process.

(From: "The twelve divine rays and the priests of Atlantis" by Claire Avalon)