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01. Hallelujah                   download

02. landing on earth          download

03. drum dancer               download

04th talking didgerido        download

05th connecting                download

06th fly didge fly               download

07th words from Muluc      download

08th slaves of illusions      download

09th conga di conga         download

10th dancer shamanic       download

11th aborigène                 download

12th cry                           download

13th enjoy                        download

14th harmony                   download

15th Hallelujah                  download

"TRIBUTE TO EARTH"                            INITIATION CD

Ritual to make connection with fire, water, earth and air. Our own force can be felt. to give up control. Energy can flow. Sound from the spectrum of timelessness, ensure the ashes of the past develop and support the cleansing fire from the present into the future, is the intention in this CD. Singing, didgeridoo, tabla, frame drum, djembe, guitar, and rattles are the supporting elements for the connection with all elements. This CD is an expression for looking for a solution to a search for truth and feelings that were repressed and forgotten. INITIATION assist the soul on its way to the he-inner one hand there and continue this momentum to the DNA in order resonators on a physical level to reflect the cell basic-information.

REAL MATRIX                                                     € 20,00





























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"MODULE 1 - DEEP RELAXING"                                                          MEDITATION - CD

Crystal Singing Bowls, Gongs, drums and sound sticks, carrying with 3 minutes basic vocal instructions in the depths of the soul and relax the body and mind. The sounds of this CD to clarify low-frequency vibrations and energies that no longer correspond to the ideal of harmony and awareness-transform  them into a harmonious feeling. On a physical level, the cells receive a sound bath, which activates the self healing. Physical disharmonies, which are due to energy blockades in Pain manifested disease or have received healing through sound pulses. By the corresponding exciting action arises communication between mind and matter, and synchronization of brain areas (hemisphere synchronization).

Note: The healing with sounds is a useful addition on the way to a holistic awareness aligned to physical, mental and spiritual level, and replace any medical treatment. It is our goal, consciousness and self-responsibility as a method of maintaining physical, mental and mental health to develop less.

SOUND IS THE HEART OF THE MATTER   time 58minutes                                     € 20.00

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"MODULE 2 - CHAKRA-TUNING"                                                         MEDITATION - CD

It can regard the human body as the sum of many vibrations emanating from the cells (organs, muscles and nerves), or enter into resonance with our cells. If the harmony of this resonance disturbed, it changes the oscillation pattern and the result is dis-harmony, which also has an effect on the energy field (chakras). Identify blockages can be on a physical level (diet, physical activity, accident ...) or  on an energetic level (trauma, shock...)

The sounds of this CD are related to the seven main chakras and the associated institutions and open a connection, activation, and A-determination of the energy body in the cosmic consciousness of his harmonic and fundamental frequency. Cleaning the energy body of karmic "relics" and preparing the body to Light-cell activation are energetic impulses, which are based on this CD and to all organic structures harmonious and impact. Experience has also shown that the sleep and dream quality is optimized by sound and disable children and adults, faster feel harmony and peace.

SOUND ENERGY  time 60 minutes                                                                         € 20.00