Healing with sound has an origin in the more than 5000 years old Vedic medicine. Vedas are the oldest sacred texts of India. But even in Western culture there is a long time to realize that sounds and music are a key to healing of body, mind and soul. Even Pythagoras to his students have sung for soothing melodies - the assumption that melody and rhythm in a position to harmonize the whole person. Even modern medicine is experimenting with sounds and their effects on the cell and immune system. The aborigines of Australia, the Aboriginal use today, chants, rattles and didgeridos recovery. Tibetan monks use singing bowls for obtaining enlightenment states. Every culture has its special methods. One, however, all have in common. The sustainability and the knowledge of the power of sound and voice, and their impact on human well being.

One can regard the human body as the sum of many vibrations emanating from the organs, muscles and nerves. A healthy body is attuned to the whole organism, it vibrates in harmony with it. Diseased one system changes, the vibration image and it creates disharmony.
Energy (Chakra) - blockages in people are nothing. Depending on the body or chakra - level at which they occur, they affect specific organs, which thus can not vibrate in harmony.

Vibrations spread in waves. There is no better medium for waves as water. The human being is two-thirds of water. This makes it a very suitable medium for the propagation of waves. If a singing bowl struck, you can hear it not only learns but the whole body of a wave or oscillation-bath. Each body cell is excited by the sound waves and their harmonious UR-VIBRATION re-members. See also monochord.

If crystal bowls or tuning forks are struck, they call in the body memories of original harmonic frequencies. The body is stimulated to resonate only in shell frequency and then way back in the very own model of the harmonic oscillation. Heart and respiratory rates are changing. It can be healing and even way back in the original states of consciousness. The organism corresponding stretches, self-healing powers are activated and strengthened the immune system.

Crystal singing bowls are used for energetic cleansing of "polluted" areas, objects, homes, towns and cities. About mechanisms of action, we inform you gladly.

The singing bowls massage is a support and a measure for healing processes. It is not a substitute for treatment by a physician, healer or therapist. We offer massage, singing bowls meditative sound trips for children and adults to produce and CDs.

Our crystal singing bowls are made of 99.998-percent pure quartz. These shells have a very long lasting, clean sound and can be rubbed and struck both. A set consists of seven bowls, which are adapted to the different energy centers (chakras) of the body (C, D, E, F, G, A, B).

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orange Sacral Chakra D - kidneys - bladder - gender emotions
blue Throat chakra G - larynx - poor communication
violet Crown chakra H - pineal gland - pituitary gland understanding
yellow Solar Plexus Chakra E - stomach - spleen - skin energy
red Root Chakra C - legs - blood confidence
indigo Third eye chakra A - eyes - cerebellum intuition
green Heart Chakra F - heart love